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If you're craving for some delicious chicken wings, look no further than Cousin Vinnies Family Sports Restaurant. We have 28 different sauces to accompany the best wings in Lake and Sumter counties.

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Just Like the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York... Welcome to Big League Flavor!

A Snack

6 WINGS (1 flavor)

You and Vinnie

10 WINGS (1 flavor)

Mom and Dad

15 WINGS (1 flavor)

First Date

20 WINGS (up to 2 Flavors) 10+10

Meet the Parents

35 WINGS (up to 3 Flavors) 15+10+10

Rehearsal Dinner

50 WINGS (up to 3 Flavors) 20+15+15

My Big Fat Italian Wedding

75 WINGS (up to 4 Flavors) 20+20+20+15

The Family Reunion

100 WINGS (up to 4 flavors) 25+25+25+25


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The heat is in the name, a mild Buffalo wing flavor

On the Fence:

Not under the fence / not over the fence


Bad To The Bone:

The perfect heat!

jalapeno jalapeno


5 on a scale from 1 - 10



Hot - eat 10 and your photo goes on the “Wall of Fame”

jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno

Burn Your Bottom:

Usually the next morning, LOL!

jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno

Purple Heart:

For guests who do HOT WINGS!


Very tangy mild Buffalo with extra Vinegar

Train Wreck:

Our #1 seller – Garlic, Buffalo and Mustard

jalapeno jalapeno


A killer combination of all of our wing sauces!


We hit a home run - the very best Garlic Wings in town!

Garlic Buffalo:

Garlic Wings with Buffalo sauce drizzled on them


Garlic Wings covered in grated Parmesan cheese


A Bourbon based Teriyaki, sweet - not salty!

Teriyaki Jerk:

Teriyaki Wings sprinkled with dry Jerk seasoning


Teriyaki based with a twist of pineapple

Hawaiian Jerk:

Hawaiian Wings with Jerk sauce drizzled on it

jalapeno jalapeno

Caribbean Jerk:

A spicy Island flavor of love.

jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno

Jamaican Jerk:

100 year old recipe straight from Jamaica

Sweet Chili:

A sweet and sour sauce with mild red chili flakes

jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno


Cousin Vinnie’s favorite wing sauce – SWEET AND HOT!


Great on wings, dings, chicken strips and poppers

Wild Mustard:

A sweet, tangy, southern mustard sauce – AMAZING!

Honey Kissed:

Finger licking good… made with local honey


A sweet savory southern Barbecue flavor

Honey Barbecue:

Ain’t nothin’ but a sweet thang

jalapeno jalapeno

Hot Barbecue:

Just like it sounds, pretty spicy!

Bayou Barbecue:

Louisiana taste meets up with Texas!

jalapeno jalapeno jalapeno

Grand Champion:

Savory, sweet, spicy, tangy, Barbecue flavor


Shipped in from the swamp lands of Louisiana


Orange Rush:

A gourmet combo of Orange and Jalapeno


A sweet aromatic blend of hoisin, anise, and sesame


Japanese for “Makes a damn good wing sauce, too!”

Dry Seasonings . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cousin Vinnie’s Wing Dust:

A delightful blend of seasonings especially designed for poultry

Lemon Pepper:

Lip smacking’ goodness, a spicy citrus flavor


Right out of the club house at St. Andrews


19 Caribbean seasonings doing the calypso dance

Old Bay:

Legendary for its use on seafood and chicken

Frankenstein Dry:

A killer combination of all of our dry


Now entering a trans fat free zone . . .

Our foods are fried in trans fat free oil

Extra Ranch or Bleu Cheese

Extra Wet

8 ounce Ranch or Bleu Cheese

12 ounce Wing Sauce

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